Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What does 100 calories look like?

I'm sure lots of people out there have seen stuff like this before. But I always thing it's pretty fun. So I'm going to do it for my own enjoyment.

100 calories OR less:

1 Medium apple (also oranges, bananas, pears...)

3 Cups of dry popped popcorn (You can always use spices!!)

1/2 Cup yogurt or cottage cheese (varies depending on fat content and brand)
TIP: try freezing your yogurt and eating it partially frozen with a spoon (you may need to defrost it) or putting a Popsicle stick in individual packages before freezing.
TIP: Add fruit to your cottage cheese or yogurt (if you buy plan yogurt you can use it for lots of other dishes)

1 Cup of cooked oatmeal (not prepackaged - cooked with water, if you don't want to increase calories add sweetener...)

8 Shrimp (yummmy...depends on size, dip them in low cal seafood sauce)

1 Cup of baby carrots + 2 tbsp of hummus (or 1/4 large pita and 2 tbsp hummus)

1/2 of a medium cantaloupe!!!

1 cup of strawberries and 3 tbsp yogurt (Dipping the strawberries in the yogurt makes it last a lot longer)

I think the above choices are better then this:

But I understand the concept, a little portion control never hurt anyone. Now it's just remembering to only eat 1 pack!

Here are a few more (there are unlimited choices really)

10 M+M peanut filled candies

1/6th of McDonald's large size fries (ouch, so a full one is 600 cals!)

And finally, my favorite. Mmmmm....

One hard boiled egg.

NOTE: Egg do not directly impact your cholesterol, so enjoy your eggs!

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